17. US. The Beatles are my everything. Especially John❤️. *wink wink*

You'll find some humor here & a bit of awkwardness. & of course, extreme fangirling over the Fab 4. Enjoy & stay groovy.✌️

John Lennon - The Beatles

John by Astrid Kirchherr, 1964.


blue-flavored candy is always the best flavor of candy like what the fuck. blue raspberries aren’t even a thing. we’re literally eating the color blue as a flavor and it’s fucking magical.


things you don’t point out about people:

  • acne
  • cuts
  • Scars
  • body hair in places you’re not used to it being???
  • fat rolls/curves
  • how much/how little they’re eating
  • how skinny they are/what bones they can see because of how skinny they are
  • How fat they are.
  • If they have crooked or misaligned teeth maybe even yellowed
  • If they sweat a lot

don’t do it


(Source: fishingboatstops)

relationship status?
what is your biggest pet peeve?
finish this: i hate it when...
what is your favorite animal?
who is someone you can tell everything to?
are you a hugger?
besides tumblr, do you have any other social media?
how old are you?
what are your thoughts on school?
favorite tv show?
are you okay?
・゚✧: sexual orientation?
are you a people person or a loner?
do you have any siblings?
have you ever self harmed?
have you ever been in love?
would you rather be hugged by a bunny or kissed by a doe?
how do you let your anger out?
are you active?
what are your favorite band(s)/artist(s)?
who is your least favorite person?
tell us about your crush!
what time is it?
what is your guilty pleasure?
are you a virgin?

Shake it Johnny 

So I watched “Team America: World Police” for the first time.






Backstage at the Gaumont Cinema, Ipswich, Suffolk.(October 1964)